Monday, July 14, 2014

Last Thoughts

Sunday December 11, 2011

As a closing note for this first tour, it would be worthwhile comparing and contrasting certain facts and thoughts.

The Yoga: it was a good way to start the day...more stretching really, although Yoga sounds good. The Baked Beans:Did not have these every day for breakfast; porridge and oat clusters on other occasions. Not entirely baked beans, using chick peas as well. The tomato paste sachets are a great idea. The Victorian rail trails:The trail to Beechworth is worthwhile taking to avoid the main, busy road. I did not enjoy riding the rail trail along the Hume Lake, and much preferred the Murray Valley Hwy. I felt quite safe. Overall, rail trails are great for all cyclists to enjoy. New South Wales should make an effort to complete their rail trails. The roads chosen:I felt safe on all roads that I had cycled.  Care has to be taken when you can hear traffic behind you, and see traffic ahead of you. Those behind are not always willing to slow down if they feel that they are not able to veer off due to on coming traffic. In such cases where there is no shoulder I actually got off the road. Favorite rides:- Cement Creek & Acheron Way - Sandy Creek road - Mt Stanley & Hillsborough roads - Boboyan & Apollo roads - All taken roads from Tarago, past Nerriga to Albatross The BOW:Although a new one has been procured, the Lost Bow has not been found, nor returned. The HILLS:At first I couldn't stand them....then enjoyed them very much.First long weekend opportunity I will do a little tour to complete Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley, perhaps Kiama - Jamberoo - up that hill to Robertson - To Moss Vale - Fitzroy Falls - Kangaroo Valley - Berry - Kiama.

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