Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 8 - Albury to Canberra & around Lake Burly Griffin

Sunday November 27, 2011, 50 km      

Today's route from Albury to Canberra is by bus. A welcome rest.The bus ride took about four and a half hours, where many of these hours were broken up by a fellow suffering from travel sickness, including bilious vomiting into a plastic bag which the driver had kindly asked the fellow to dispose of it himself. Sitting in the bus, as it obeys the speed limit, along the Olympic Hwy toward Canberra, I sit right behind the driver, giving me an unimpeded view of the road ahead. Being the kind of man who likes to dream on and fantasise, I imagine myself riding my loaded bike along the shoulder of this hwy at a cool 100km/hr. No effort grinding undulations. Perfect reconciliation. One gets to see what one would see if on the bike, just a lot faster, which in the final analysis may as well be like this, since riding the hwy for an inordinate number of k's is ridiculous.Pulled into Canberra later in the afternoon, and since I was going to visit my cousin Peggy, I decided to make my way to her house by looping around Lake Burly Griffin. Being a warm, sunny afternoon, the 36 k's around the lake and on to my destination gave me a sense of comfort, that I had at least cycled some today.

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