Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 20 - Last day

Saturday December 10, 2011, 85 km

Grigo said..."Bro', a hop, a step and a jump...and it's done"

Perhaps a grind, a grunt, and a cruise may seem more appropriate as I have done this route in reverse earlier in the year. That was when it all began for me, cruising on a road bike through the Royal National Park. There is a difference, however. Essentially downhill on Lawrence Hargraves on a road bike, and uphill on a fully loaded bike, part of the way. We left by 8am and undulated our way through Coledale, grinded the first hill, into Coalcliff, pedalled into Stanwell Park after rolling along Seacliff bridge, then grinded and grunted up the steep section on Lawrence Hargraves to Stanwell tops. At the beginning of the climb a car rolled past, and the driver must have noticed my Argentinian Futbol shirt, for he shouted: "Dale Argentina" Dale alright, I dale'd it, gave it all I had and managed to top the climb without getting off. A first for me, and was excited. We then proceeded into the national park, and it was a delicious ride along Lady Wakehurst drive, and then Sir Betram Stevens drive. Heading toward Bundeena, Grigo decided to push himself on the last leg, so he took off, whereas I executed my "listen to the birds and smell the trees" routine. Missed the 11am ferry to Cronulla by a whisker. Grigo had seen it come and go. So it was to be the noon ferry, and onto Cronulla for lunch, and the last stint along the cycle path past Botany Bay and home. A little sad to see it all end, but excited at the fact that I made it from Melbourne to Sydney. Time to plan the next escapade.

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