Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 18 - Nowra to Jamberoo

Thursday December 8, 2011, 60 km

Closer to the finish line. "Be kind to yourself...." I mumbled..."take it easy now...this is your first time, you are aching all proud."

Steep hills have been overcome throughout Victoria, Bulee more to come. Do I try to go to Jamberoo via the Kangaroo Valley & Fitzroy Falls? I do belive it is quite steep. The back is painful...part of the initiation, I imagine. Or do I take the coastal route, via Kiama. Ronald David Victor, which name will you choose for this stretch. Most call me Victor, no one calls me David, and mother refuses to call me anything but Ronald. My father's side of the family in Sth America calls me Ronald David, both neatly strung together. Both my brothers call themselves, and are called, by their second name, whereas I chose the third. No time to psychoanalyse my naming needs, suffice to say, it doesn't matter what name I choose to go by, a steep climb by any other name is still a steep climb and, perhaps, this time I may require all three names to work as a team. One to be like Frodo and carry the load; the other like Sam and offer to help carry the load, and the last like Quasimodo, and deal with a twisted back. A decision had to be made, but breakfast first. We headed out of Nowra, on Bolong road to Gerroa, towards....yes...not Kangaroo Valley and Fitzroy falls. I will do this stretch another time, soon...March/April 2012. The first 35kms to Gerroa was pleasant enough, and it would have been fantastic were it not for the traffic. Just switched off, and got into the zone...pedal, move, breathe... Had a brief stint on the Princes Hwy as there was no choice, a good climb, followed by a fast, ripping descent into Kiama. We had a very tasty Falafel wrap. Out of Kiama, we headed to Jamberoo, on Jamberoo rd. This was very beautiful, scenic and green. This place instills an image of the Shire in Lord of the rings....can almost taste the corn and strawberries. We pulled into Jamberoo 60.3 kms later, and settled in at the Jamberoo pub. I believe that the option to go from Nowra to Fitzroy Falls would have been a serious mistake...although the route we took was nice, the pain in my back only got worse. I reconciled with the idea that next year, sometime in Autumn, I will do a long weekender via Bowral, Moss Vale, and on to Fitzoy Falls and Kangaroo valley to Berry. We had a quiet night, talked to a few of the locals, and learnt a bit about Cow Management. This is milk country.... one must send the cows that need to be fattened further out, toward the brown country where there is good fattening hay.  With this knowledge, we retired, and tomorrow it's off to Thirroul.


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