Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 16 To Tarago along some backroads

Tuesday December 6, 2011, 65 km

Today marks a new phase in the journey in that it is not about me, myself and I. It is 6:00 am, my brother is still sleeping, and his bike and gear canno weigh more than 20kgs. Yes, brother, sleep in peace. On the outskirts of Queanbeyan there is an uphill to start the day.

There is pleasure in writing the journal as the day's ride is about to start, during rest breaks, and shortly after the day's ride ends. At each of these stages is where excitement, illusion, and reality have a chance to hold hands together, and be their own holy trinity.

EXCITEMENT: alternative roads, country lanes, along Captains Flat, then left on Briar Sharrow, left on Hoskington, and on to Bungendore. This avoids the very busy road from Queanbeyan to Bungendore.

ILLUSION: it will be reasonably flat most of the way after the known climb at the start, the sun will shine, and good coffee may be served along the way.

REALITY: will have to wait and see what transcurred on the way to Bungendore.

As it is, the morning is clear and crisp. Perfect riding weather. As it turned out, we did not lunch in Bungendore. Had an expensive coffee the taste of which did not meet the price. Bought supplies for breakfast as there is no shop in Tarago. Yes, chick peas, tuna, tomato paste........ Met a lovely elderly lady in the shop to whom I bade good morning and mentioned what a nice morning it was. "Yes, she said, but it's a bit nippy in the paddock." "Nippy in the paddock" became a mantra for brother and I, as we left Bungendore for Tarago.

The Captains Flat road turned out to be a little busy, with good undulations on the way to Briar Sharrow rd. On this road we had a lot of fun, flat mostly, with a few sharp undulations followed by long gentle downhills where we clocked a nice 49.1khr. 'Twas Nippy on the paddock. What followed was 32kms to Tarago. Not busy, flatish, past Alpaca farm, wide open spaces; a whole other country to the parts of Victoria I had ridden past. Bangers and Mash at the Loaded Dog hotel in Tarago, and early night for tomorrow will be a long day on the saddle.

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