Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 15 To Queanbeyan with 'bro

Monday December 5, 2011, 52 km

A storm of lesser proportions hit Canberra last night, and I was on a comfortable bed at my friend Reinaldo's house.

Today I headed for Kingstone as my brother Grigo will be arriving later in the afternoon from Sydney. We will do the last few legs of the tour together. I am excited about riding the last 370ks with him....I will no longer be riding solo. during my stay in Canberra over the past two days I have clocked about 90km, taking bike paths and roads to various locations. Just kept on riding as the feeling of being on the move is always nice. The city is very quiet.

Once you peel away fro a major road, a circuit, a drive, or parkway, and enter suburbs, there is a distinctive hush about the place.Each suburb has its own enclave of shops, bakery, supermarket, petrol station and liquor store. Within each hub there is substantial silence, regardless of how many people seem to be about. It would take some getting used to.

As a passer by, however, it is actually quite easy to get used to. Time to hear oneself thinking. Made my way to Kingston, close to the train station where Grigo will be arriving. Cycled around this suburb, through Manuka, and telopea park.

The silence here is most welcome, and feel very peaceful and at ease. It is green, with many trees, the occasional cyclist passes by and their chains must be well oiled for they cannot be heard. I am enjoying this.

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