Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 14 Canberra II

Sunday December 4, 2011, 32 km

Met Paul A_ at a B&B in dickson. Yesterday we talked about life and cycling. Paul has not had a good run in his life, and had succumbed to temptation for a large part of his days. He gave up the booze 3 years ago, and now drinks plenty of coffee.

Paul once owned a Cannondale mountain bike and rode plenty around the A.C.T, to burn off energy before diving headlong into a night of stimulants."I love being on a bike..." he said, " and it's been years."He asked me about being on the road, and I showed him my photos. This morning we had coffee together and told me that he could not sleep all night as he thought about getting himself on the road. Paul confessed that I had inspired him. Since he has no ties, no responsibilities, and a bit of cash, he said that there was nothing holding him back. He had thought about it all night, and decided to rent himself a place for a few months and organise himself to hit the road. A bike, a trailer, and a fishing rod. I encouraged him. There is no point sitting around all day doing nothing but smoke cigarettes and drink coffee. Get your bike, your gear, plan a little, and go!This morning he was dressed in his sunday's best as he had already, since yesterday afternoon, organised to see a cheap house he could rent. The man is on the move."I'm gonna do it mate! I have made the decision." I encouraged him yet again. Since I have somehow inspired him, then in return (for these are magical words on does not often hear) I gave him strength and encouragement. We shook hands, a hug, and wished him well. I believe that Paul A_ will be on the road. Good bloke. As I was about to leave Paul rushed up and gave me a Chupa Chups for the road. Still have it with me as a reminder.The road does not only take one to interesting places, but also to chance encounters with people one would otherwise not meet. I am glad I met Paul.

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