Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 5 - Mt Bruno to Beechworth

Thursday November 24, 2011, 65 km

Beautiful morning yet again. On the road early from Mt Bruno to Wangaratta, with downhills along the other side of the mount from whence I had come the previous day.

From Wangaratta I joined the Murray to the Mountains rail trail to Everyone, and then the steady climb to Beechworth. 
  The riding should have been easy except for the sore knee, a pain that had been slowly developing for a couple of days. 
 By the time I got to Everyone all I could manage, fully loaded, was a measly 10 k\hrs. Not only that, but the rear derraileurs were playing up, which no adjustment seemed to help. I had planned to meet friends for lunch in Beechworth and thought I would never make it on time, given the gentle on going climb for 15kms, and the knee, and gear problems. 
I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted my friends at Everton station. They had come here to ride the rail trails for a week. They were putting their bikes on the rack of their car. It was decided that they would take my load to Beechworth, and I rode unloaded. Great bit of luck! Although the knee still hurt, I made it, fingers pressing just under the patella to ease the juggle. 
Got to Beechworth to find out on closer inspection that the gear cable had actually frayed and was on its last thread. Changed cable, and it seems ok now. 
 So. What does this mean? Well, it is also about to rain these coming days, and snow is predicted on the snowies. A deterrent? Well, yes. There is no way I can make it up the steep hills on to Thredbo with my knee the way it is, what with potential snow added into the mix. In the end, the route I actually want to ride is the Yaouk and Boboyan roads between Adaminaby and Canberra. The only way to get to Adaminaby is either from Khancoban to Thredbo or from Khancoban through Cabramurra, through to Adaminaby. No way of avoiding the steep hills. 
Now I have a new plan. From Beechworth to Tallangatta (as planned) and then from Tallangatta to Albury. From Albury I will take the bus to Canberra so that from Canberra I can go to Tharwa and along the Boboyan road to Adaminaby, do the Yaouk road loop, and back on to the Boboyan road to Canberra. I get to do the route I wanted anyway. So as I sit here reflecting on the events I realise what a lucky day today was for me. 1. Meet friends at Everton. 2. Notice frayed gear cable (whilst munching on a steak pie) and have it changed. 3. Booked the last available seat on the bus to Canberra.Tonight I will reflect on this bit of luck and am already thankful.Still a way to go, and am excited and wary. Anything can happen on the road.

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