Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 4 - Benalla to Mt Bruno

Wednesday November 23, 2011, 50 km

Lazy, beautiful clear sunny day. The ride to Glenrowan was on the shoulder of the freeway, and sat down for coffee in this quiet small town.

Will spend the day at a friend's house nearby. Not much to convey, I thought then, as the thought of the Alpine Way still continued to freak me out. Took the photo of Ned Kelly, as everyone does when visiting Glenrowan. 
  "My house is really close...." said my friend on the phone, "...just follow Glenrowan road on and on until......"
Well, what I had thought would be a 30k day turned out to be a 50k day. On and on alright. And as I rode on and on, on a flat road, passing by some wetlands amidst a vast expanse of green fields with mounts further afield, cockatoos doing their clamorous chatter, I felt very happy. 
For the first time I had no worries at all. No hills to dread, no downhills to get all wound up about, no gravel to contend with, no traffic......just country, and silence. Bliss. Peace. 
  Got to Freddy's, and, of course, there was one short, very steep gravel hill before rolling into his property.
 Cooked my chick pea/tuna dish for lunch, and laced on the hammock until he got home, listening to the sounds of Mt Bruno.

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