Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 3 - Alexandra to Benalla

Monday November 21, 2011, 98 km

 7:00 am. All packed up. The intention today is to ride to Mansfield and then onto Whitfield. That would be depending on how I am feeling. Hills and I do not seem to have a working relationship. They take and do not give.

seen quite often on the main roads

Off on the Maroondah hey, and a right into Sandy Creek road. Some say this is a worthwhile detour to avoid the highway to Bonnie Doon, which can be very dangerous. Others say there is nothing wrong with the highway even though trucks and cars woody past.  The highway is just fine. All cars and trucks take major detours into opposite lanes to avoid coming close to the CGOAB who is not fond off hills. I felt safe, even on those sections that had no shoulder at all.  However, Sandy Creek road is pure delight. A quiet country road with singing birds and chatty locals.It is paved for a good while and then gravel. No problems here, enhanced by the absence of cars, trucks, and hooking utes, although there was one dust-lifting utes that hooned down when I was spotted. Nice.  
  Further on there is one excellent hill for those who like this sort of thing.  
Soft and dandy gravel which I found impossible to climb. Got off and walked the bike to the top.  
 The downhill is as steep. Had a hard look at it and opted to walk it down. Way to ridiculous to try and ride that. You'd stack it in a nano second. 

  Soon enough it flattened out and rode the gravel with ease all the way to the highway and right toward Bonnie Doon. Nice latte and a home made bicky.I know that Brian Webber went onto Mansfield and climbed the hill to Whitfield. His journal doesn't express the pain, and I imagine he is a very fit fellow. Locals had told me how hilly it is. Didn't take much to convince me, and since I have no desire to suffer today, will go towards Benalla instead since my plan is to go to Glenrowan. Can I live with this decision? Easily. Ha, ha, ha. Besides, the 33 kms to Bonnie Doon and the 65 to Benalla would make it a 98km day. Chuffed with that. Stopped at Swanpool for refreshments, and rode my last 25ks to Benalla.

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