Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 1 - To Warburton: The start with startling and inspiring things to come

Saturday November 19, 2011, Rode   45 km - Taking it easy
Arrived in Melbourne to be greeted by rain and Brian Webber.
His tour from Adelaide to Melbourne had just finished and mine was about to begin.
We talked about the journey that was and the journey that was to be, over a coffee. Nice. I asked him about the climb to Dead Horse Gap, and he expressed how it went on and on and on, and as he said this I quietly and internally gulped and gulped and gulped. Never mind.....

The skies had cleared this morning. Woke up at 6:30 and was on my way to Southern Cross to catch the train to Lilydale. One hour later was on my way on the trail.

The rail trail itself is relaxed, well maintained, and being a Sunday there were many cyclists, young kids in trailers or baby seats, and young women on horses.

The trail
Came across a group of tandem cyclists. This group consisted of disabled persons on the back seat and their abled carers on the front. It was a nice thing to come across, to see them both enjoying a pleasant Sunday on the trail.On arriving at the camp ground I met Alan, a 72 year old cycle tourist who had been on the road since 1990 when he retired. That is 20 years. He gave me some welcome advice about riding downhill on gravel roads.As the afternoon progressed, and Afghan family arrived, with the full kit. BBQs, blow torch, leaf blower, and container loads of food. The blow torch for the bbq beads, and leaf blower to build the flames and get those beads ready in no time. Generous and kind as they are, I was treated as a guest by them, and was offered many afghan kebabs and salad. Never got to cook my chick peas with tuna.


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