Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yoga and Baked Beans from Melbourne to Sydney

Aptly named as this fellow felt inclined to name the trip for the sake of a blog.

The post regarding the lost violin bow preluded the upcoming posts.

At Central Station waiting for the train: One hour to go before the train gets here.....

Saturday November 12, 2011

Well... the departure day is finally here... so eager to get off, I got off most likely a little too early... however, since there is no such thing as time (and this is directed to those who enjoy string theory and other such assortments) one is likely to inevitably encounter deviations and bump ins with people that would otherwise not occur....In enters Mick, aka Oakey... who is on his way from Tamworth to Crookwell in what is (according to Oakey) a rather ridiculously long journey that not only encourages those cigarettes one should not be smoking, but also those beers one ought not to be over-consuming... and most definitely not abet in stashing extra happy-juice in the bag which one is obliged to stash.... Oaky at least...He said that the late Steve Irwin's dog is called Oakey, and that perhaps it was named after him.... they had been friends .... never mind... most alluring was Mick's transpired relationship with a young 26 year old femme... Oakey is 52.... I understood... young blokes only have limited resources when it comes to witt and knowledge.... so as I waited for my train I bade Oakey Mick farewell and I am on my own now for another hour pondering on what has now gone into memory....

Starting on the Lilydale to Warburton rail trail

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