Sunday, May 15, 2016

Letter to a Yogi

Hari Om Dev,

I do understand your need to go back into the jungle or some nice little cave to meditate for another 20 years. I would rather swim in the Saraswati river, and then sit on its shores singing some hymns from the 7th Mandala, but there are things that some of us must do regardless of our preferences.

I had a vision and saw that the seat of Shankaracharya of Joytir Math will be vacant for nearly 150 years, and although your Guru did initiate you as a Sanyas during the Kumbh Mela and you disappear into the bush, he will ask you later on accept the position.

This is important for the continuation of our Vedic Tradition, and besides, the world and its inhabitants are changing, and by the time you receive this letter in a few hundred years (…. I know the post is just as slow nowadays…) a sense of urgency may arise, not necessarily for you, but for mankind.

Ever since Shiva gave a few of us yoga to help us deal with an inherent human desire to control the external world which only brings us anxiety and stress, the time will come when this knowledge must be shared with the whole world, because, as you may have realised when meditating in your cave, meditation does not belong to us, but to all.

I’ve come across some folks from the west who seem to be entangled in the web of duality and have not yet realised what our Rishis had seen, Advaita Vedanta, which as you are well aware of a Shankaracharya who went a long way in propounding this.

So I pass these few words on to you knowing that in time all of us will awaken to possibility of uniting with Brahman, experience the union of Shiva and Shakti, Purusha and Prakriti, and thereby stop living in a state of delusion.

Anyway, after you become Shankaracharya, you will meet the man who will not only become your disciple, but pass on your instructions, to take meditation to the world, and by golly will he have an impact.

No other will have such influence during his lifetime, and he will not only take this message to the world but will also revive our tradition across our land.

Some things will need to change, no doubt, because most of humankind are not in the habit of doing things the way you and I do, and this is okay, because the fundamental teaching will not change. Most folk may not need to disappear into the bush or a cave up in the mountains to meditate, in as much as they may not need to sit by the Saraswati river (which by the way will disappear by the time you get this letter) singing verses from the 7th Mandala either to become more enlightened.

So, I’ll leave you with this and have no doubt that you will excel in your new role, and your disciple will spend the rest of his life working for the cause and giggling endlessly.

Rishi Vee